Timeline for Selling a Home in Fairfax Station, VA

Thinking about selling your home in Fairfax Station, VA? Before you stick a For Sale sign in the yard, there’s a little prep work that needs to happen first—if you plan to sell your home for the greatest possible profit, that is! Here’s a breakdown of everything you should do, know, and expect in the weeks prior to and during your home sale.

Before You List…

Take some time to prepare your home and get it looking fantastic before you even think of listing! Here’s what should happen in the months and weeks before you list.

2+ months out:

Find an experienced Fairfax Station agent

Enlisting the help of an experienced agent is a crucial first step! A good agent can save you a lot of time and headache—and can even help you sell your home for quite a bit more than selling on your own. Just make sure you do your research and read reviews before signing on with any one agent.

6 – 8 weeks out

Consider repairs and improvements

No buyer wants to walk into a maintenance disaster! Unsolved issues uncovered during a buyer’s home inspection could potentially cost you thousands of dollars, or even the sale. Taking care of known issues, or hiring your own inspector for a pre-listing walkthrough, can help lessen the risk of this happening.

4 – 8 weeks out

Set the price right

Perhaps the most important aspect of any home sale is its starting price. Finding a competitive price that reflects your home’s true value is the key to selling your home quickly and for top dollar. A good agent should be able to help you value your home using neighborhood sold reports (comparables).

1 – 4 weeks out

Prepare your home

Now is the time to get your home looking fantastic! Declutter and remove any excess furniture or belongings that might make your home feel cramped or crowded. Deep clean everything (or hire a professional to do it for you). And don’t forget to add a little depersonalized staging and decor.

During the Listing Process…

Once the prep work is complete, your agent will officially list your home for sale on the local MLS. Here’s what to expect during the listing process.

Market your home

In order to sell a home, you’ve got to get buyers to find it—which means listing it on as many platforms as possible. Most homes today are found on the internet, so a good agent will employ a wide range of sites, social media platforms, and listing services to get your home out to buyers.

Show your home

If a buyer loves your home’s pictures, they’ll most likely want to see it in person. Try to be flexible in letting buyers choose the time at which to schedule a tour. Keep your home clean and show-ready, and prepare a pre-showing checklist of last-minute tidying to ensure your home is in pristine condition before you open the door for a buyer.

Negotiate an offer

If your home is well-marketed, you should start receiving offers within a few weeks. Discuss the details—not just the price—of every offer you receive with your agent. Your agent can help you determine if an offer should be declined, accepted as-is, or countered. Should you counter the buyer’s offer, they may return with another counter. These negotiations continue until you reach terms you both agree on.

Closing the Sale

Once you and your buyer agree on terms and sign a purchase agreement, you’re officially under contract. The final stage has begun!

Cooperate with due diligence

Your buyer will likely have requested a period of “due diligence” in which they’ll perform a series of checks on your home—such as an inspection and appraisal—to ensure there aren’t any hangups that might make them hesitant to buy.


Should the buyer uncover anything in their research, they may make some requests from you. For example, if a maintenance issue is found by the inspector, the buyer might ask that you fix the problem. Should your home appraise lower than your asking price, the buyer might request that you drop the price of the offer. It’s up to you whether you accept or refuse.

Sign, pay & finalize

It’s closing day! As the seller, you will likely have signed most or even all of your paperwork ahead of time. The buyer, their agent, and their attorney will sit down with your representatives to complete the rest of the paperwork, pay their down payment and closing costs, and collect their keys. Congrats; you’ve sold your home!

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