Homes with Pools

There’s nothing quite like the joyous feeling of splashing into a swimming pool on a warm summer’s day. It’s even better when it’s your own pool in your very own backyard. Explore the latest listings for homes for sale with swimming pools in the Alexandria area, and contact me to schedule a tour of your dream home.

Homes with Pools in Northern Virginia

Buying a Home with a Pool?
Here are a few things to consider.

What are the different types of pools?

Above-ground pools are temporary structures, whereas inground pools are permanent parts of a property. There are several types of inground pools, including fiberglass, vinyl liner, and concrete, as well as different finishes like tile and stone. Some styles can make a pool a truly distinctive feature of a property—dramatic infinity pools or sporty lap pools add character to a home.

How about pool maintenance?

Proper pool maintenance is a critical part of your investment. If you choose to hire a company, on average, maintenance costs run around $100 per month—which will feel like a bargain in August! You can always take the DIY route, and while there's a lot to learn, for some homeowners, it's a point of pride. Automatic vacuums and other tools can reduce some of the burdens, too.

Will this pool need any repairs?

Homebuyers understand the importance of proper inspections before making an offer or closing on a home. Pools are another part of a property that needs careful inspection, from the filters to the pumps, heaters to the timers. While home inspectors are able to diagnose any immediate issues, it may be prudent to work with a pool specialist in order to craft your best offer.

Does a pool affect home values?

Inground pools are part of the overall appeal of a home. Well-maintained pools, especially with attractive features like waterfalls, bridges, or sculptures, add to the wow! factor every home seller is seeking. Often, private pools increase the value of a property by 10% or higher. It's not just any pool, though: the condition and quality of the pool itself is paramount to increasing the home value.

Work With a Pool Home Expert

If you’re ready to take the plunge and purchase a home with a pool, you need an experienced realtor to help navigate the buying process. Contact the Marion Gordon team today to get started today!